Funk Conversion Starter

FC 2-9 060 Starter

Call To Order:
906 475 7772

Customer must Specifiy which Flywheel is Being Used
Flathead Engine Flywheel or Tractor Flywheel


Looking For A Starter To Put On That 6 Or 8 Cylinder  -10Funk Conversion Ford Tractor?
Eliminate Reworking the Bell Housing to Adapt The Original Starter.
Trying to Find The Proper Size Pinion Gear to Fit the Tractor Flywheel?

Funk 3 Hole Casting Starter use 10 Tooth

40 MM  Pinion Gear
Use Our FC 2-9 060 Starter
Call With Needed Application- 6 Or 8 Cylinder

Questions on Installation or Wiring?

Free Seven Day Technical Service With Each
Starter Purchase

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